OffRamp Prerequisites and Setup

Compassion's open architecture allows freedom to work within our framework.

Each Global Partner (GP) will have their own OffnRamp service with their URL. Messages from the Global Ministry Center (GMC) to the GP will be delivered to this OnRamp service.

The GMC SOA Team can provide a sample GP OnRamp service to be used in a Windows environment or provide an interface specification to be used in a non-Windows environment.

Click here to download the OnRamp WSDL document.

In order to support Federated Security the IP technical staff must:

  • Decide where the GP OnRamp service will be hosted and the URL to be used
  • Decide on the host name you want to use: (i.e. https://services.compassion.xx where “xx” represents the international partner country code)
  • Decide where it will be hosted and any network requirements (firewall, NAT, over port: 443, load balancers, VLANs, etc.)
  • Register public DNS to the public GP address.
  • Acquire a public certificate that will be used for ssl. (name or wildcard must match DNS)
  • Install the certificate on the machine and bind it to port:443. (if not available, and we need to use a different port, we just need to know)
  • Give the GMC SOA team the above information and credentials so that we can login and setup the IP OnRamp and get it configured with federated security.

The GMC SOA Team will install the GP OnRamp and configure it with Federated Security. Once setup is completed, the GMC SOA Team will conduct tests to ensure that messages can be delivered from GMC servers to the OnRamp service.

The types of messages the GP will receive from the GMC Source System are listed in Available Message Types.

For a sample of a .net OnRamp or a sample of a SOAP WSDL, please contact the Cornerstone Connect team.


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