REST Get Child Case Study V1

The REST call, Get Child Case Study, returns data for an child actively enrolled in the Child Development Sponsorship Program (CDSP). Each field is included as an element in the response.

The service returns JSON as default. The service will also return XML. This is controlled by the Accept parameter in the Message Header (i.e., for XML, it should be "Accept: application/xml" and for JSON, it should be "Accept: application/json").

CDSP connects one child with one sponsor to help that child develop into the extraordinary individual which God ordained.

Sample Requests
Request Parameters
Response Parameters
XML Sample Successful Response
JSON Sample Successful Response
Sample Unsuccessful Response
Error Response Codes

Sample Request

This is an example only.



Request Parameters

Name Description Required Data Type Constraints
ChildKey Code assigned by Compassion International when the child is registered in the Child Sponsorship Program. Yes Sting Fixed 9
ClientReferenceId Uniquely represents the transaction in the client's system. Optional String Max 100
api_key Your Mashery supplied key for an application running Compassion International services. Yes String  

Response Parameters

Name Description Date Type Returned
ChildId Child identifier number
ChildKey Same value as input string
ChildName Name of the child string
ChildAbbreviatedName Child name abbreviated to 30 characters string
ChildPersonalName First name or nickname that is used to address the child string
Gender Child's gender string
BirthDate Child's birth date string
BirthDateKnownFlag Flag indicating if child actual birth date is known boolean
CSPGraduateFlag Flag designating a child as a CSP graduate boolean
CSPEnrollDate Date this child was enrolled into Compassion's Child Survival Program string
CSPProject Key Child Survival Program code string
ChildCaseStudyDate   string
Format: 2008-03-01T00:00:00-07:00
BasicChildInternalComment   string
OverAgeAllowed Flag indicating if the child is allowed to continue in the program beyond the maximum age boolean
ChristianActivities ChristianActivities Section containing Christian activites the child participates in  

List of activities that the child is engaged in.

Values can be:

  • Sunday School/Church
  • Bible Class
  • Camp
  • Youth Group
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Choir
OtherChristianActivities Other Christian activities the child is engaged in that are not included above. This is free text. string
FamilyDuties Section containing family duties the child participates in.  

List of duties that the child participates in

Values can be:

  • Washing Clothes
  • Making Beds
  • Cleaning
  • Carries Water
  • Kitchen Help
  • Animal Care
  • Running Errands
  • Child Care
  • Buying/Selling in Market
  • Gathers Firewood
  • Gardening/Farming
  • Sewing
  • Teaching Others
OtherFamilyDuties Other family duties that are not included above. This is free text. string
HobbiesandSports Section containing hobbies and sports the child participates in.  

List of hobbies or sports the child is participates in.

Values can be:

  • Art/Drawing
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Bicycling
  • Cars
  • Dolls
  • Group Games
  • Hide and Seek
  • Jacks
  • Jump Rope
  • Listening to Music
  • Marbles
  • Musical Instrument
  • Other Ball Games
  • Other Sports Or Hobbies
  • Ping Pong
  • Play House
  • Reading
  • Rolling a hoop
  • Running
  • Singing
  • Soccer/Footbal
  • Story Telling
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Walking
  • MusicalInstrument: followed by free text
OtherHobbies Other hobbies or sports the child participates in. This is free text. string
HealthConditions Section containing health condtions of the child  

List of health conditions:

Values can be:

  • Epilepsy
  • Asthma
  • Polio
  • Developmentally Disabled
  • Speech: (values: Defective, Mute)
  • Hearing Left Ear: (values: Defective, Deaf)
  • Hearing Right Ear: (values: Defective, Deaf)
  • Sight Left Eye: (values: Defective, Blind)
  • Sight Right Eye: (values: Defective, Blind)
  • Regular Medical Treatmnt
  • Regular Medication
  • None

The following can have a value of (Crippled/Birth, Crippled/Disease, Crippled/Injury)

  • Left Leg due to:
  • Right Leg due to:
  • Left Foot due to:
  • Right Foot due to:
  • Left Arm due to:
  • Right Arm due to:
  • Left Hand due to:
  • Right Hand due to:
  • Spine due to:
OtherHealthConditions Other health conditions the child has that are not listed above. This is free text. string
Schooling Section containing schooling information of the child  
ChildAttendingSchool boolean boolean
ReasonNotAttending This is free text. string
PreSchoolLevel string string
KindergartenLevel string string
PrimarySchoolLevel string string
MiddleSchoolLevel string string
HighSchoolLevel string string

Values can be:

  • blank
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • K (Kindergarten)
  • P (Primary)
  • PK (pre-Kindergarten)
VocationalSchoolLevel string string
VocationalCourseOfStudy This is free text string
ApprenticeshipLevel string string
ApprenticeshipCourseOfStudy This is free text string
CollegeOrUniversityLevel string string
CollegeCourseOfStudy string string
OtherSchoolLevel string string
OtherCourseOfStudy This is free text string

Values can be:

  • Below Average
  • Average
  • Above Average
ChildsBestSubject This is free text string
FutureHighSchoolDate yyyymmdd string
FutureHighSchoolCourseStudy This is free text string
FutureUniversityDate yyyymmdd string
FutureUniversityCourseOfStudy This is free text string
FutureBibleSchoolDate yyyymmdd string
FutureBibleSchoolCourseOfStudy This is free text string
FutureVocationalDate yyyymmdd string
FutureVocationalCourseOfStudy This is free text string
Future Other SchoolDescription This is free text string
FutureOtherCourseStudy This is free text string
PlannedCompletionDate Date the child is expected to complete the Ministry Program. yyyymmdd string
Guardians Section describing the child's guardians  

List of child's guardians

Values can be:

  • Mother
  • Father
  • Uncle
  • Aunt
  • Grandfather
  • Grandmother
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Stepfather
  • Stepmother
  • Godfather
  • Godmother
  • Friends
  • Institutional Worker
  • Foster Parents
  • Other Relatives
NaturalParents Section describing the child's natural parents  
NaturalParentsTogether boolean boolean
MaritalStatusOfParents Describes marital status of parents string
FatherAlive boolean boolean
FatherLivingWithChild boolean boolean
FatherSupportingChild boolean boolean
MotherAlive boolean boolean
MotherLivingWithChild boolean boolean
MotherSupportingChild boolean boolean
FatherHandicapped boolean boolean
FathersHandicap Describes father's handicap string
MotherHandicapped boolean boolean
MothersHandicap Describes mother's handicap string
FatherChronicallyIll boolean boolean
FathersChronicIllness Describes father's illness boolean
MotherChronicallyIll boolean boolean
MothersChronicIllness Describes mother's illness string
FatherMentallyIll boolean boolean
MotherMentallyIll boolean boolean
FatherInPrison boolean boolean
MotherInPrison boolean boolean
Employment Section describing parents or guardians employment  
FatherOrMaleGuardianIsEmployed boolean boolean
FatherOrMaleGuardianIsAtTimesEmployed boolean boolean
FatherOrMaleGuardianIsUnemployed boolean boolean
NoFatherOrMaleGuardian boolean boolean
FatherOrMaleGuardianIsAFarmer boolean boolean
FatherOrMaleGuardianSellsInMarket boolean boolean
FatherOrMaleGuardianIsAChurchWorker boolean boolean
FatherOrMaleGuardianIsAProjectWorker boolean boolean
FatherOrMaleGuardianIsATeacher boolean boolean
FatherOrMaleGuardianIsALaborer Type of laborer string
FatherOrMaleGuardianOtherEmployment Other type of employment string
MotherOrFemaleGuardianIsEmployed boolean boolean
MotherOrFemaleGuardianIsAtTimesEmployed boolean boolean
MotherOrFemaleGuardianIsUnemployed boolean boolean
NoMotherOrFemaleGuardian boolean boolean
MotherOrFemaleGuardianIsAFarmer boolean boolean
MotherOrFemaleGuardianSellsInMarket boolean boolean
MotherOrFemaleGuardianIsAChurchWorker boolean boolean
MotherOrFemaleGuardianIsAProjectWorker boolean boolean
MotherOrFemal Guardian IsATeacher boolean boolean
MotherOrFemaleGuardianIsALaborer Type of laborer string
MotherOrFemaleGuardianOtherEmployment Other type of employment string
FamilySize Section describing family size the child lives in string
TotalFamilyFemalesUnder18 string string
TotalFamilyMalesUnder18 string string
FirstBrotherOrSister Other sibling in Compassion program string
SecondBrotherOrSister Other sibling in Compassion program string
ChildCaseStudyLastModifiedDate Last date Child Case Study was modified string
Format: 2008-03-01T00:00:00-07:00

XML Sample Successful Response

<ChildCaseStudy xmlns="" xmlns="">
  <CSPEnrollDate />
  <CSPProjectKey />
  <BasicChildInternalComment />
    <ChristianActivity>Sunday School/Church</ChristianActivity>
    <ChristianActivity>Bible Class</ChristianActivity>

    <FamilyDuty>Washing Clothes</FamilyDuty>
    <FamilyDuty>Running Errands</FamilyDuty>
    <FamilyDuty>Making Beds</FamilyDuty>
    <FamilyDuty>Carries Water</FamilyDuty>
    <FamilyDuty>Teaching Others</FamilyDuty>
    <FamilyDuty>Kitchen Help</FamilyDuty>

    <Hobby>Group Games</Hobby>
    <Hobby>Other Ball Games</Hobby>
    <Hobby>Story Telling</Hobby>

  <HealthConditions />
    <ReasonNotAttending />
    <VocationalCourseOfStudy />
    <ApprenticeshipCourseOfStudy />
    <CollegeCourseOfStudy />
    <OtherCourseOfStudy />
    <FutureHighSchoolDate />
    <FutureHighSchoolCourseOfStudy />
    <FutureUniversityDate />
    <FutureUniversityCourseOfStudy />
    <FutureBibleSchoolDate />
    <FutureBibleSchoolCourseOfStudy />
    <FutureVocationalDate />
    <FutureVocationalCourseOfStudy />
    <FutureOtherSchoolDescription />
    <FutureOtherSchoolDate />
    <FutureOtherSchoolCourseOfStudy />


    <FathersHandicap />
    <MothersHandicap />
    <FathersChronicIllness />
    <MothersChronicIllness />

    <FatherOrMaleGuardianIsALaborer />
    <MotherOrFemaleGuardianIsALaborer />

    <FirstBrotherOrSister />
    <SecondBrotherOrSister />


JSON Sample Successful Response

  "childID" : "[number]",
  "childKey" : "[string]",
  "childName" : "[string]",
  "childAbbreviatedName" : "[string]",
  "childPersonalName" : "[string]",
  "gender" : "[string]",
  "birthDate" : "2010-08-29T00:00:00",
  "birthDateKnownFlag" : "[boolean]",
  "cspGraduateFlag" : "[boolean]",
  "cspEnrollDate" : "1900-01-01T00:00:00-07:00",
  "cspProjectKey" : "[string]",
  "childCaseStudyDate" : "1900-01-01T00:00:00-07:00",
  "caseStudyChildKey" : "[string]",
  "basicChildInternalComment" : "[string]",
  "overAgeAllowed" : "[boolean]",
  "christianActivities" : [
     "Sunday School/Church",
  "otherChristianActivities" : "None",
  "familyDuties" : [
     "Washing Clothes",
     "Running Errands",
     "Making Beds",
     "Carries Water",
     "Teaching Others",
     "Kitchen Help",
  "otherFamilyDuties" : "None",
  "hobbiesAndSports" : [
     "Group Games",
     "Other Ball Games",
     "Story Telling",
  "otherHobbies" : "Swinging",
  "healthConditions" : [
  "otherHealthConditions" : "None",
  "schooling" : {
     "childAttendingSchool" : true",
     "reasonNotAttending" : [string]",
     "preSchoolLevel" : [string]",
     "kindergartenLevel" : [string]",
     "primarySchoolLevel" : [string]",
     "middleSchoolLevel" : [string]",
     "highSchoolLevel" : [string]",
     "usSchoolEquivalent" : [string]",
     "vocationalSchoolLevel" : [string]",
     "vocationalCourseOfStudy" : [string]",
     "apprenticeshipLevel" : [string]",
     "apprenticeshipCourseOfStudy" : [string]",
     "collegeOrUniversityLevel" : [string]",
     "collegeCourseOfStudy" : [string]",
     "otherSchoolLevel" : [string]",
     "otherCourseOfStudy" : [string]",
     "schoolPerformance" : [string]",
     "childsBestSubject" : [string]",
     "futureHighSchoolDate" : [string]",
     "futureHighSchoolCourseOfStudy" : [string]",
     "futureUniversityDate" : [string]",
     "futureUniversityCourseOfStudy" : [string]",
     "futureBibleSchoolDate" : [string]",
     "futureBibleSchoolCourseOfStudy" : [string]",
     "futureVocationalDate" : [string]",
     "futureVocationalCourseOfStudy" : [string]",
     "futureOtherSchoolDescription" : [string]",
     "futureOtherSchoolDate" : [string]",
     "futureOtherSchoolCourseOfStudy" : [string]",
     "plannedCompletionDate" : [yyyymmdd]",
  "guardians" : [
  "naturalParents" : {
     "naturalParentsTogether" : [boolean]",
     "maritalStatusOfParents" : [string]",
     "fatherAlive" : [boolean]",
     "fatherLivingWithChild" : [boolean]",
     "fatherSupportingChild" : [boolean]",
     "motherAlive" : [boolean]",
     "motherLivingWithChild" : [boolean]",
     "motherSupportingChild" : [boolean]",
     "fatherHandicapped" : [boolean]",
     "fathersHandicap" : [string]",
     "motherHandicapped" : [boolean]",
     "mothersHandicap" : [string]",
     "fatherChronicallyIll" : [boolean]",
     "fathersChronicIllness" : [string]",
     "motherChronicallyIll" : [boolean]",
     "mothersChronicIllness" : [string]",
     "fatherMentallyIll" : [boolean]",
     "motherMentallyIll" : [boolean]",
     "fatherInPrison" : [boolean]",
     "motherInPrison" : [boolean]",
  "employment" : {
     "fatherOrMaleGuardianIsEmployed" : [boolean]",
     "fatherOrMaleGuardianIsAtTimesEmployed" : [boolean]",
     "fatherOrMaleGuardianIsUnemployed" : [boolean]",
     "noFatherOrMaleGuardian" : [boolean]",
     "fatherOrMaleGuardianIsAFarmer" : [boolean]",
     "fatherOrMaleGuardianSellsInMarket" : [boolean]",
     "fatherOrMaleGuardianIsAChurchWorker" : [boolean]",
     "fatherOrMaleGuardianIsAProjectWorker" : [boolean]",
     "fatherOrMaleGuardianIsATeacher" : [boolean]",
     "fatherOrMaleGuardianIsALaborer" : [string]",
     "fatherOrMaleGuardianOtherEmployment" : [string]",
     "motherOrFemaleGuardianIsEmployed" : [boolean]",
     "motherOrFemaleGuardianIsAtTimesEmployed" : [boolean]",
     "motherOrFemaleGuardianIsUnemployed" : [boolean]",
     "noMotherOrFemaleGuardian" : [boolean]",
     "motherOrFemaleGuardianIsAFarmer" : [boolean]",
     "motherOrFemaleGuardianSellsInMarket" : [boolean]",
     "motherOrFemaleGuardianIsAChurchWorker" : [boolean]",
     "motherOrFemaleGuardianIsAProjectWorker" : [boolean]",
     "motherOrFemaleGuardianIsATeacher" : [boolean]",
     "motherOrFemaleGuardianIsALaborer" : [boolean]",
     "motherOrFemaleGuardianOtherEmployment" : [boolean]",
  "familySize" : {
     "totalFamilyFemalesUnder18" : [string]",
     "totalFamilyMalesUnder18" : [string]",
     "firstBrotherOrSister" : [string]",
     "secondBrotherOrSister" : [string]",
  "childCaseStudyLastModifiedDate" : "2012-04-01T00:00:00-06:00",

Sample Unsuccessful Responses

XML Unsuccessful Response
  <Message>'Invalid Child key. Child key must be 2 alpha characters followed by 7 numeric characters.</Message>

JSON Unsuccessful Response
  "error": {
   "message":"'Invalid Child key. Child key must be 2 alpha characters followed by 7 numeric characters."

Error Response Codes

The table below indicates the HTTP error response and HTTP Error message.




HTTP Error Response HTTP Error Message
HTTP 400 Service Parameter Failure
HTTP 401 Not Authenticated / Authorized for Service Data
HTTP 403 Not Authorized
HTTP 403 Account Inactive
HTTP 403 Over Queries Per Second Limit
HTTP 403 Over Rate Limit
HTTP 403 Unknown Referrer
HTTP 404 Requested Resource Not Found
HTTP 408 Request Timeout
HTTP 414 Request URI Too Long
HTTP 500 Internal Server Error
HTTP 502 Bad Gateway
HTTP 503 API Maintenance / Service Unavailable
HTTP 504 Gateway Timeout


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