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Compassion API Library

Compassion APIs enable developers from various communities to create applications in order to advance the mission of Compassion. The portal contains only private APIs.

Private APIs

Using Private APIs, International Partner organizations can retrieve information about children, their development center, local community and country of residence in order to be advocates for these children. Field office and implementing church staff can gain access to information such as which children in a particular project are scheduled for a case study update.

The Compassion API Library supports REST calls based upon the REST v1 Standard which supports both JSON in the response.

Compassion API Authentication

  • All API calls need to include the authentication parameter "&api_key=" +key.
  • Many API calls require an OAuth Token. This is to protect the children which Compassion International supports.

Request Limit

  • Limit calls to 5,000 per day, per API key
  • Limit queries to 10 per second, per API key

When you reach 75% of your limit, Compassion International is notified and will contact you to determine what limits you need.


The Compassion API REST URLs are case sensitive. Please copy the URL exactly how it is presented in the documentation.


After requesting an API key, please be patient. It can take time for your API key to be activated.


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