Public Sponsor Child Country Map

The Sponsor Child Country Map API is a RESTful API.

The service provides a country map formatted according to customer specifications. The map is returned as a .jpeg file.

Sample Request
Request Parameters
Response Parameters
Sample Successful Response
Sample Unsuccessful Response
Error Response Codes

Sample Request

The actual request requires soft-authentication.
This is an example only. SponsorId=[string]&EmailAddress= [string]& ClientReferenceId= [string]& api_key= [string]

Request Parameters

Name Description Required Data Type Constraints
SponsorId Sponsor Id is assigned by Compassion International to any person or organization which has made a commitment to provide resources (money, time or influence) for the purpose of supporting Compassion's ministry. Also known as Constituent Id or Supporter Id. Yes Numeric Max 10
EmailAddress Sponsor's preferred email address on file at Compassion International. Service client should pass in URL encoded value if the email address contains special characters. Yes String Max 60
ClientReferenceId Uniquely represents the transaction in the client's system. Optional String Max 100
api_key Your Mashery supplied key for an application running Compassion International services. Yes String  

Response Parameters

Name Description
SponsorId Same value that was in the request.
The return can contain one or more child keys with the following parameters for each child or student:
ChildKey Identifies the child.
EntityKey Country code of the sponsored child.
DPI Image dots per inch.
Width Image width in pixels.
Height Image height in pixels.
ImageFormat Type of image format.
Quality Image quality (a lower number is poorer quality).
EntityTypeCode Type of image. The parameter will contain the word "MAP".
CountryMapImage Country map image data.

Sample Successful Response

Sample Successful Response

Sample Unsuccessful Response

The service operation will provide the following response when there are missing required parameters.
Exception Returned: (ResponseCode = "1", HTTP Status Code ="404")

Sample Unsuccessful Response

Error Response Codes

For ResponseCode = 1, the table below indicates the HTTP error response and HTTP Error message.

HTTP Error Response HTTP Error Message
HTTP 400 Service Parameter Failure
HTTP 401 Not Authenticated / Authorized for Service Data
HTTP 403 Not Authorized
HTTP 403 Account Inactive
HTTP 403 Over Queries Per Second Limit
HTTP 403 Over Rate Limit
HTTP 403 Unknown Referrer
HTTP 404 Requested Resource Not Found
HTTP 408 Request Timeout
HTTP 414 Request URI Too Long
HTTP 500 Internal Server Error
HTTP 502 Bad Gateway
HTTP 503 API Maintenance / Service Unavailable
HTTP 504 Gateway Timeout


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